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((Sorry I’ve been away. Nothing hiatusy.. I just…

Steam. Borderlands 2.

That game kinda stole my soul for a good while. »))

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Shaz took a moment and stared at the ghost’s hand, holding up his own and slowly opening and closing his claws slightly. He took its….his…hand decisively, half expecting it to melt into ectoplasm and dissolve through his fingers or something. 

“That would work out, seeing as I…..think this is a woman. The headstones are hard to read.” The ghoul burped, wrinkling his nose at the smell of his own breath. Cigarettes, embalming fluid and rotten meat. Good thing he’d brought tic-tacs in his bag. 

“So you’re a ghost, hey.” He said with a shrug, twisting the foot off of the corpse’s leg as easily as one twists the leg off a roast chicken. “Didn’t think ghosts could talk. I mean, other than that staticy crap they get on Ghost Hunters.” He snorted incredulously before shoving the dismembered foot into his mouth and swallowing it in one gulp.

“I’m a ghoul, which goes without saying, I suppose. Call me Shaz. Don’t ask me what it’s short for, it’s kinda embarrasing.” Shaz leaned up against the headstone. “How ‘bout you? Got a name, mate?”

After shaking the ghoul’s hand and presenting the dead woman’s hand to him, he swirled his hand and lit a cigarette that had appeared out of nowhere. He took a drag and cringed slightly at the noise the leg made.

"Yep. Certified authentic 100% poltergeist, at yer service," he lifted his hands and shook them like he was in a showing of Follies. Then he rolled his eyes and dropped the act, taking his cigarette out of his mouth and blowing another puff of smoke. “Ghost Hunters. Pff. Amateurs. They get like all the poor bastards that I usually hafta end up helping ‘cause they can’t figure out how t’haunt fer shit.”

He laughed a little wickedly, “Though once I showed up and banged a few of ‘em around. Hit one with his own tech bag and he never even saw it comin’! That was a good night.”

Betel sat down on the edge of the dug up grave, his legs dangling from the side. “That’s okay. I can’t even say my own name due to Neitherworld systematic bullshit. Most people just call me B or BJ, though I leave the second one normally for the ladies.” He winked at Shaz.

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Betel snorted to himself. It was always a pleasure watching the reactions of his “victims,” no matter how small. Olaf took to it much better than anticipated.

He nodded along as he listened to the Count, “I getcha. Not everyone’s cup of tea. Bugs are pretty good though. Some of ‘em anyway! Once you get past the initial creep factor. You should try ‘em sometime!” Most people didn’t take to Betelgeuse’s taste in “delicacies,” but he always tried anyway, figuring it couldn’t hurt.

The poltergeist took one of the wine glasses by the stem and swirled it around a bit before tasting, “Hey! This is good! What wine is this? I haven’t had the stuff in a while, actually…”

Olaf looked at his own glass and took a sip. 

“Bordeaux.” He decided, nodding. “I forget what year. Nice, isn’t it?”

There was a brief silence as he was suddenly hit with the ridiculousness of his situation. 

“I don’t typically eat animals that aren’t red meat.” He said with a small frown. Insects were animals, weren’t they? Probably.  ”I mean, I think I once ate a cockroach without realising it, but I don’t think it was all that good. But I guess I shouldn’t judge….a lot of people think I’m disgusting for eating organ meat.” He took another sip of wine. “To each his own, I suppose.”

Betel nodded in approval and took another sip.

He then chuckled at the Count, “Cockroaches are pretty good. A lot cleaner than people think, but still. Fast buggers too. Kind of a challenge when I see ‘em.” He licked his lip, “But organ meat is pretty good. I used to eat that crap when I was alive, I barely remember what it tastes like anymore ‘cause I barely eat.”

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My whole life is a dark room. One big dark room.

The Deetz family for today’s @Sketch_Dailies theme #beetlejuice

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The room grows cold and with a sound akin to the crack of lightning, he’s there with her. He is sitting on the bed with an arm around her, smiling down on her like a demented clown.

"So, any ideas of where you wanna go, babes? Or shall we just see where the day takes us?"

Alright, so, the lightening was something that hadn’t been needed. In fact she was just about to huff in annoyance and yell at the older man before she suddenly felt goose flesh prick up onto her arms. Puffing out, she curses again. She can see her breath. 

Ready to look around, she’s surprised to feel and see Beetlejuice right besides her. Freezing in her spot, the girl leans away even though he’s got a good grip around her shoulder. 

"Did you seriously have to make so much noise?," she asks as she shoves him away, standing up to brush off her shoulders. 

Brushing a hand through that signature messy hair of hers, she leans against the dresser he’d just come out of. “I was… How far can you send us?” 

Betelgeuse snorts, “I dunno, I like to make an entrance. Too flashy for ya?”

As she pushes him away and gets up, he crosses a leg on top of the other and crosses his arms as well.

"I can send us wherever, babes. Mexico, China, Las Vegas, the house next door… You name it."

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Is it illegal to have sex in a dressing room

I’ve gotten in trouble for jerking it in one so

But is it

I jerked off in a dressing room do I sound like a lawyer

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jadeottsel said:

Mun:♪ Muse: ✈☣ Both: ☂

♪ - music you like? ((already answered! :3))

✈ - hobbies?

"Scarin’ people, messin’ up shit, pranks, strip poker…"

☣ - phobias?

"…Does Juno’s face count?!"

☂ - favorite season?

((Spring and Fall. I have trouble deciding between the two.))

"Fall, for sure."

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Anonymous said:

(( The intro one. I reaaally miss that thread XD))

((Okay!!! :’D I’ll keep BURN EVERYTHING up though too! ^^ As well as Shaz’s!))

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freakaheadofthecurve said:

//Mun and Muse: ☿ ✐ ❣ ☠ ♪

☿ - zodiac sign?



✐ - fave types of movies?

((Horror, Sci-fi/Fantasy, Comedy!))

"Horror, Skin flicks… Dark comedies."

❣ - how would it be your ideal date?

"I dunno. Probably some drive-in horror movie, Italian dinner, and then bring her back to my place for some alone time ;)"

((Oh geez… I dunno!!! Any time I’m with my love, really! I’m a sucker for a nice walk or day out doing something as silly as window shopping, then coming back home, watching Netflix on the couch, order some pizza, and then cuddle/sexytiems ^^))

☠ - fears?


((C’mon Betel, don’t leave me hanging here, dude. Death, Heights, Elevators… Clowns. >_>))


♪ - music you like?

((Pretty much everything except most rap and country! Goth rock, punk rock, Pop, 80’s, 90’s, psychobilly, classical, some opera, musicals, dark cabaret, burlesque…. @_@ soooo muuuch musiiiic…))

"Dark Cabaret, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Rock, Some o’ that country that’s all dirty-like… Whatever suits the mood, really."

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Oh. Oh god. Did he seriously just— No. 


Lydia gives him a look that could kill, but in desperate boredom one had to give a few exceptions. Pinching the bridge of her nose, she finds her hand shaking out, claw like, in irritation before she lets out an exasperated breath. 

"Fine," she narrows her eyes at him. "But if that’ll get you to behave even a little bit…” 

Sighing she moves back to sit onto the bed, “Beetlejuice.

The room grows cold and with a sound akin to the crack of lightning, he’s there with her. He is sitting on the bed with an arm around her, smiling down on her like a demented clown.

"So, any ideas of where you wanna go, babes? Or shall we just see where the day takes us?"