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Beetlejuice (1988)

And somewhere J is going “Oh look it’s my bestfriend”

"Chuckles is a pretty funny guy. Little more collateral damage than I’m used to, but a funny guy."

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Arc: Beetlejuice has the best soundtrack.

"Damn straight I do."

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((I wanted to ask if anybody knows anyone that roleplays some manifestation of Death?? I prefer The Sandman’s version, but really any other version would work.

Basically, I am DYING (….pun unintended) to do a thread with a personified Death where Betel is facing the end of his actual life in the mid 1300’s and learning to cope both with FACING Death, and afterward trying getting his “sea legs” as someone who is Recently Deceased. :3))

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"Good, god, man. That is one strange outfit. Where on earth did you get that?"

"You’re callin’ my outfit strange?! You look like a Victorian Beatle on LSD!" Betel said to the man, smirking afterward.

"As fer my suit, I pinched it off’a some circus at some point. Those people have some fancy digs.”

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"Well hellooooo there, gorgeous.”


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Anonymous said:

That suddenly made me think of a prank of putting up a picture of yourself in lingerie on the fridge and waiting to see her reaction, but I don't think she would ever forgive you if you even considered doing that! Plus there's no telling how long it could take to pick out just the right skimpy outfit to show off your features. Fashion is an art after all, and a mans gotta look his best.

"Sometimes I raid her closet and she hasn’t figured that out yet, so… Maybe when she sees my ghoulishly handsome figure in somethin’ that leaves little to the imagination, she’ll start comin’ around, right?!”


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— I’m not interethted. At all. 

"Woah, babe!" the ghost lifted his hands in protest, "I haven’t even spoken a word t’ya yet! Just gonna blow me off like that?!"

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Yeah, I could see the horse thing going up on Delias fridge.

Right?! I should go stick it on the fridge and see if Lyds notices! *Snicker*

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I drew a pic of you running away from a sandworm?



I dunno why I’m gonna say this ‘cause I know I’m gonna regret it later but… Well, can I see it?! Is there a second part with me beatin’ it up, or…?”


Best not to question the magic flying horse looking sceptically into the the distance in the foreground. That was from a bizarre mental tangent that would take too long to explain. 
Sides’, people were really only coming for the appearance of the B-guy in the background anyway.
And no, it doesn’t have a part two. I guess the outcome is just gonna have to remain up to the viewer to decide.

"Well, I gotta say I like it, Sandworm and all. I mean, it’s got me in it after all. And the strange horse is kinda… I dunno, I feel like this is the kinda surreal shit that belongs in a museum or at least in Delia’s kitchen.

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be as ridiculous as you want


do it


Prepare to be insulted, writer.